Garcia is a Barcelona-based creative advertising agency founded by people whose last name is not Garcia.

So, why Garcia?
Because it is the most common Spanish surname, a name that reminds us of who we work for every day. Because contrary to most agencies, we do not work for our clients, we work for our clients customers. With that means. Welcome.




Big Ideas, Small Team.

There were too many people positioned backwards.

Pau Calderón, 2nd on the left. Founding Partner. Strategic planning in BDDP and TBWA, two General Manager posts in Publicis Casadevall Pedreño and Shackleton, and the logical evolution to his own project in 2008. In Garcia, Pau is the voice and strategic talent. He’s the man that will answer your mail and turn your conception of brands upside down. Talk to him. Linkedin / Twitter

At the front, in close up and with overly stereotypical glasses, Aureli Arqué, sfounding partner and head of the creative team. Posts of creative director in Arnold and Shackleton. Boring; creative people need challenges, not posts. He founded Garcia with Pau just to do what he does best: creative work.

Miquel Sales, 3rd on the left with longish hair and a shirt. A partner in Garcia. Difficult to label. If you look a little deeply into this profession you’ll find strategic intelligence or creative talents, but it’s not often you find the two of them in a single person. His integrity has taken him to places like TBWA, Difference or Young & Rubicam. Linkedin

To the right and with his gaze on infinity is Raimon Bragulat, RAI. In charge of art in Garcia. Previously art director at DDB, graphic designer in Ahmen, Base Design, and founder of the Büro Ole design studio in Chile. It is not what one can say about him is what we see on the screen of his computer every day. And just when you think you have seen everything in this profession, this Catalan with Chilean accent shows you you knew nothing, after all. Linkedin / Behance / Instagram

The girl is Melissa Garcia. Former Project Manager in Grey, Ogilvy & Mather, Dos and, as every agency has its ex S, C, P, F …, ex S, C, P, F … Her last name is what it is; so, no matter how much she might want to, she will never be an ex Garcia. Great news, because so far we had never seen an Account Director capable of keeping their pulse down to 45 beats throughout the year. Linkedin / Twitter

Although not in the picture yet, we count on with Laia Vilajoana, ex-Altraforma managing director, an emblematic advertising agency, and with an advertising culture that constantly challenges everything we do. Fresh and demanding air. Linkedin / Twitter